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Sophia Snow Place (SSP) received $150,000 support from the Community Preservation Committee (CPA) to establish a Restorative Garden on its property, aligning with Boston’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. The project aims to restore native plantings, enhance path accessibility in Allandale Woods, and create a bridge over a stone path. The proposed Restorative Garden, positioned near a certified vernal pool, promotes environmental stewardship and public accessibility. The initiative supports Boston's plan to identify new open spaces through partnerships. SSP emphasizes its role as a private space with public access, providing benefits to the growing population, particularly older adults in West Roxbury. The project emphasizes a Healing Garden, benefiting vulnerable populations, including older residents, seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans. Additionally, the initiative focuses on ecological benefits, enhancing biodiversity by reintroducing native plants and mitigating risks from invasive species, contributing to resilient ecosystems in the face of climate change. The project prioritizes the restoration of native plantings, identification and management of invasive species, aiming to improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and the vernal pool's aesthetic appeal.

Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden
Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden
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