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Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden Phase 2Draft Proposed Concept Plan

Note: This picture is Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden Phase 2 Draft Proposed Concept Plan.

Sophia Snow Place’s Phase 2 of the Restorative Garden project received $530,000 from the recommendation of the Community Preservation Community and through the City of Boston. We continue to fundraise for the project and will be building partnerships with businesses and others to support our efforts. The idea is to transform an area of our campus that overlooks our vernal pool to provide residents and the public with an older-adult sensitive garden with an accessible walking trail. Attention will be given to creating a space that includes walkways with slopes in compliance with specifications for self-propelled wheelchairs and walkers, handrails for support, and benches strategically located to provide rest. The idea would be to provide a wonderful setting for exercise, contemplation, relaxation, and community building. 


The garden promotes physical activity, improves cognitive acuity and focus, reduces stress, nurtures socializing, reduces anxiety, and creates a sense of well-being. As a place of refuge and contemplation it will allow a safe space for those seeking its peace and tranquility and provide its benefits to a diverse population with different needs and challenges. It will be a “backyard” with all the positives of such a space to those in our community without such a resource. It is also contiguous with the Urban Wild of Allandale Woods and its design connects to the pathways leading into the Woods and provides a vantage point to enjoy this greenway.  

Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden Vernal Pool

Note: Click the photo to learn more about Vernal Pool at Sophia Snow Place Restorative Garden. 

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