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Cummings Foundation $30 Million Grant Program 2024 Winner
We are thrilled to receive a three-year $225,000.00 grant to Roxbury Home for Aged Women dba Sophia Snow Place through the Cummings $30 Million Grant Program! Thank you, Cummings Foundation! Visit Cummings Foundation website at Cummings Foundation.

Join the Legacy of Giving at Sophia Snow Place

It’s always important to say thank you!

Safely housing older adults in an atmosphere that promotes their dignity and empowers their lives is a
special way to say thank you to all that they have done to make our world a better place. By giving to
Sophia Snow Place, you will join in recognizing the value and contribution of our older family and
friends. The lifetime stories of our residents are part of why your generous donation matters.


Our residents are the backbone of our lives and communities.

We have many within the walls of SSP that worked to educate our children, protect our safety, inspire
our spirituality, enrich our arts and culture, and serve our country. Their energies have left a trail of
wonderful deeds and positive outcomes, and their commitment to all of us continues despite their
challenges. Your gift is an opportunity to continue to fuel the fire of their dedication.


General contributions help support special programs, staff training, and the occasional needs of our
residents. As we work to enhance aging in our community, we count on you to be part of our efforts.


The legacy of giving goes back to the founding of our parent organization Roxbury Home for Aged
Women (RHAW) in 1856. Not many years later, a Boston philanthropist named Sophia Snow bequeathed a significant donation to RHAW in her Last Will and Testament and solidified our long mission of supporting older adults in Boston.


Please join our legacy by making a gift for yourself or in honor of a loved one. Please Make your checks
payable to RHAW. Thank you in advance for your generous support.


Resident Special Projects: SSP Restorative Garden

Dreams continue to come true at Sophia Snow Place!

Our resident-initiated project to construct a Restorative Garden on our campus continues to gain
support from our Boston community. With the endorsement of the Community Preservation Fund from
the office of Mayor Wu’s office and the City Council, RHAW has received significant funding over the
past two years. Support this unique resource for older adults – a setting designed to be explored and
used not only viewed by people with mobility and other challenges. Accessibility and accommodation
are key components of our plans for the Restorative Garden.

Our Restorative Garden is a way to put our planet in the forefront of our priorities.

This future community resource continues to capture the attention of many older adults, their families,
and friends. Beyond its health and well-being benefits, it represents a powerful statement of climate
action. As we proceed to build this resource, we will be removing invasive plants, restoring natural
habitats, planting native species, and focusing on pollinators and other mechanisms to reduce our
carbon footprint. We are especially proud to recover this urban space that was once a gas station to
provide renewed positive ecological impacts and extend the value of the City’s Urban Wild in this special
public-private partnership.

Be part of this amazing project by being a Named Donor whose total accumulated contributions from
the Spring of 2022 to Spring of 2026 reach the following:



Sustaining Member         

Supporting Member 


Leadership’s Circle 


$1,000 to $1,499

$2,500 to $4,999

$5,000 to $9,999

$10,000 to $24,999

$25,000 and up

Also available are naming opportunities. Find your passion in one of the garden areas, walkways, decks,
benches, and planters. Please contact Patty Roggeveen, President/CEO to find out more at (617) 325-
7900 extension 217.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help build and sustain this ionic garden in the heart of one of
Boston’s most dense older adult populated neighborhoods.

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