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About Us

Sophia Snow Place’s Mission is to empowers older adults to live purposefully, with dignity and wellbeing in a comfortable community at a reasonable cost.  We strive to be the residence of choice for our elders and the employer of choice for our caregivers.


In partnership, the Board of Directors and staff work to create a living environment that promotes a focus on individual needs and encouraging capabilities to achieve the highest quality of life as we age in community.


Core Values:

  • We value a safe and respectful environment for all.

  • We value innovative and effective care which results in a high quality of life for residents.

  • We believe that a successful living community is based on relevance and relationships.

  • We strive to achieve an environment that places cultivating a Purpose in Life mentality as one of our highest objectives as it gives support to individual relevance and enhances community relationships.

  • We believe and understand that a Purpose in Life mentality has been associated with positive health outcomes among older adults, including fewer chronic conditions, less disability, and reduced mortality.   

  • We believe aging is a process, and that extending support, encouragement, and accommodation to achieve a Purpose in Life mentality leads to personal growth and satisfaction.

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