Good food with friends
Sophia Snow at Manning School
Showa Students and SSP Residents

The Spice of Life

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”    

                                         George Bernard Shaw    


The food we plan, prepare and eat, and who we do it with is central to our health and happiness.  It literally feeds our souls as well as our bodies.   At Sophia Snow Place we enjoy a wide range of activities from trips to restaurants, lectures and cooking demonstrations with tastings and projects; even one of our longest running school collaborations.  Here is a sampling of / what we have coming up.

Every month, our most popular outings include dining out for all meals at a variety of restaurants in the Greater Boston area and over New England.  Whether we are in the mood for seafood, Italian, Mexican or Mediterranean, staff gladly welcome suggestions and requests for the next great place to eat.

We are fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with the Manning Elementary School in Jamaica Plain.  Each November we take a trip to the school where we are treated to a turkey dinner with all the fixings, a tradition that was started by a Sophia Snow board member and Manning School teacher, Pat Newman.  The food is made by the parents and faculty and served to our residents and staff by the fifth-grade students.  The other grades also play a role in this fabulous event making our residents placemats, setting the tables, creating centerpieces, writing each resident a greeting letter and entertaining us with songs. The pure joy on our residents’ faces is priceless.  Everyone enjoys socializing with the students while feasting on delicious food.  It is truly a wonderful intergenerational experience!

What’s cooking in the activity room?  This question appears in our Sophia Snow Place monthly newsletter.  Two or three times each month, we plan and participate in cooking or baking projects.  Generally, the recipes tend to be centered on the seasons.  Thus far this fall, we have made pumpkin muffins, apple crisp, cinnamon cookies and sliced apples with caramel dip.  Many residents love adding the ingredients and stirring the mixtures.  During the summer months, we have enjoyed fruit kabobs, making ice cream and ice pops, fruit smoothies and guava tarts.  Cooking and preparing food together is a fun and important way to socialize.  These activities can facilitate conversations about nutrition and healthy eating habits.  Studies show that odors play a crucial role in learning and memory in regard to events and places.  This is another benefit of food preparation activities.  Certain smells can bring back long-term memories.  The aromas of particular food wafting through the activity room kitchen, can bring us memories of people anYum!d events from our past.  Our sense of smell is thought to have the most profound impact when it comes to unlocking our memories as far back as childhood.

We are looking forward to a three part series on nutrition with nutritionist and dietitian, Erica Goldsmith.  The series will run from November through January and focus on our new dining menu with vegetarian and gluten-free options, healthy holiday eating, and how certain foods interact both positively and negatively with our body and certain medication.  This will truly be an interesting series!