A Day-in-the-Life of Sophia Snow Place

Much has changed in what is a very short time at Sophia Snow Place. What once was a daily routine was radically altered as we listened to our public health officials and watched what was happening in the news. For our many family and friends on the outside, we thought we would share the atmosphere, conditions and happenings in what is our “new normal” day’s schedule.

• Breakfast is served by a kitchen staff in masks and gloves in individual resident suites as there is no more communal Dining in the Dining Room.
• Housekeeping begins their rigorous day of cleaning every part of the building multiple times – from chairs to windows to laundry.

• The morning shift in Supportive Living (SL) reviews the news from the night shift. COVID-19 protocols are reviewed.
• Now before beginning their day, everyone changes from their “street’ clothes into scrubs, caps, masks and gloves.
• Outside healthcare providers that are not prescribed by physicians are no longer providing care to SL, and the staff has been increased to fill the gap in services.
• There is no longer open interaction or access between SL and Independent Living (IL).

• Management staff arrives and unlocks the front exterior doors only. All traffic in and out of the building is carefully monitored.
• IL and SL residents must remain on Sophia Snow Place property. While IL residents can choose to go off-site, they must quarantine in their apartment for 14 days on their return.
• Resident deliveries arrive throughout the day. They are left in the vestibule, and the bags sprayed with strong disinfectant. Residents are called to pick-up packages, or they are delivered by staff to their apartments or rooms.
• As healthcare providers arrive for IL residents their temperature is taken at the door, and they must wash their hands and put on their protective equipment.

• The management staff holds its daily briefing. Protocols and other issues are discussed, including our Pandemic Emergency Plan.

• Lunch is served in the residents’ suites in SL. Many new IL residents are ordering tray service to their apartments with the restrictions on trips to the grocery store.
• IL residents still get-together in the Bistro or outside, keeping social distance requirements of 6-foot separation. Some chairs have been removed, and the coach made inaccessible to encourage them to keep a distance.

• Activities continue on a very limited basis with an emphasis on physical fitness options conducted by Sophia Snow Place staff. SL and IL each have their own separate offering of half-hour to 45 minute session of exercise twice a day. The number of participants is carefully monitored and capped so people are spaced over 6 feet apart.
• Walking in the building and outside is encouraged, and when necessary, residents are joined by Sophia Snow staff as support. As the weather gets nicer, residents will be outside on our patios, in the garden, or walking around always respecting social distancing.
• With the mailman no longer coming into the building, staff sorts and delivers mail to everyone’s “cubbie” in IL; SL residents continue to get their mail in their rooms.
• An opportunity for family visits is available on a scheduled/appointment basis. The hope is to accommodate scheduled appointments for residents to share with family and friends from an appropriate distance, with visitors on the outside of the building. This would be a one-at-a-time, appointment-only plan with staff assistance.

5pm until the morning
• Dinner is served in SL individual rooms, and IL residents have the option to have a tray brought up to their apartment.
• There are no movies or other activities in the Great Room permitted.
• The exercise room is closed all day every day until the crisis passes.
• IL residents are asked not to visit in each other’s apartments, and instead end the day keeping strict to the Department of Health recommendations.

Anyone who has been here on a typical day-in-the-past can appreciate how much things have changed. We will continue to work together to protect our residents!