You and your gift makes life better at Sophia Snow Place

Sophia Snow Place is facing many new challenges in the current COVID 19 crisis.

And we need your help.

We invite you to join our team as we confront the realities of possible infection and continue to provide quality care to your family and friends here at Sophia Snow Place.  Your generous gifts will place you on the frontline with us defending the health and safety of everyone within our Sophia Snow family.

We ask for your financial contributions to support our staff as they continue to work to protect our Senior residents, a group that is incredibly vulnerable to the harsh effects of this deadly virus.  Your dollars will enhance our ability to acquire protective equipment and other materials critical to succeeding against this pandemic, and to keep our operations fully functional.

We are proud of the tremendous commitment of our staff, and are grateful for all that families and friends have done to aid them in protecting residents by following our protocols while continuing to reach-out to us with care and compassion.  It is with tremendous gratitude that we thank you for your support during this grave time.

With the kindest regards,

Patricia Roggeveen


senior and grandchild

Make a donation by mail:

Send check to:

Sophia Snow House, Inc.

1215 Centre Street

West Roxbury, MA  02132