Life in the City, Maintenance-free

Our residents are able to put their priorities first.

Coming in from a day in Boston and you don’t feel like cooking? Order dinner.

Want to come home from that trip abroad to a clean apartment? Order housekeeping.

Choose to have a pedicure in our salon – or get a massage in our spa after your workout in our gym, you know what gives you a sense of well being. Explore our amenities. Do you have  a favorite pool or gym around town? No reason to say goodbye there either.

You set the agenda, not your home repairs or the laundry.  Is there a community trip to the theater and dinner? Come along, you don’t even need to drive.

You decide what services you want and when you want them.  Your monthly fee includes your heat and water and all maintenance on the apartment – you choose when to pay for meals, housekeeping, laundry or transportation. They are here for you when you want them. Click here for a list of our Benefits and Services.