Supportive Living vs Assisted Living

What’s the difference?

Sophia Snow House, a supportive living facility licensed by the Department of Public Health, provides accommodations, services, and staffing similar to Assisted Living.

Similar to Assisted Living

  • Sophia Snow House provides private suites with bath
  • Sophia Snow House offers three meals a day and a choice of menu items
  • Sophia Snow House has 24-hour 7-day week staffing.
  • Sophia Snow House employs a full-time nurse manager to coordinate care to residents.
  • Sophia Snow House assists residents with personal care and daily activities.
  • Sophia Snow House offers a range of activities to entertain, stimulate, and inform residents.

Different than Assisted Living

  • Sophia Snow House provides secure, centralized storage of all medications as compared to Assisted Living where medications are stored in residents’ units.
  • Sophia Snow employs staff trained to administer medications directly to residents as compared to the system of “reminders” in Assisted Living.
  • The nurse at Sophia Snow House can administer injections and perform basic nursing care functions such as changing a bandage.


Sophia Snow House