About Our Sponsor

Sophia Snow House has its roots in the charitable spirit of nineteenth-century Boston. In 1856, a group of civic-minded citizens raised money to operate and maintain the Roxbury Home for Aged Women. After over a century of care, the home relocated in 1962 to a new building at its present site near the Arnold Arboretum. The home was then renamed for Sophia Snow, a former resident of Roxbury who left a generous bequest to the organization.


Today, Sophia Snow House is still operated by Roxbury Home for Aged Women, a Massachusetts-chartered charitable organization that continues its original mission to provide comfort, companionship and security in a warm, home-like environment.

In 2000, the board of directors began planning for the needs of the growing elder population in West Roxbury, Roslindale and Jamaica Plain. By purchasing an adjacent parcel of land previously occupied by the Norwegian Old People’s Home, the board took its first steps toward expansion. Rogerson Communities was engaged in 2002 to assist in developing Snow Place to address the housing and care needs of aging men and women of moderate-income.

Two new non-profit affiliates have been incorporated. Sophia Snow House, Inc. owns and operates the supportive living community and Sophia Snow Independent Living, Inc. owns and operates the independent living apartments. The Roxbury Home for Aged Women is the sole member of each corporation and the sponsor of the overall development.